Grow Therapeutic Mushrooms at home...guaranteed!

Growing mushrooms is hard. We've made it easy.

The Mentis Mushrooms Guarantee.

Mushrooms or your money back!

  • Customer support - we'll troubleshoot any problems you encounter.

  • Free replacement grow bags if they become contaminated. Just send us a photo.

  • Full refund if we are unable to get you mushrooms or solve your issues.

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The Mushroom Toolbox

This is the fifth iteration of the Mentis incubator. It reduces all the complexity of mushroom growing into a beautifully simple design.

  • Unique Grow Bag Recipe

    Optimised humidity and nutrition to grow therapeutic mushrooms.

  • Mentis Thermal Sleeve

    Infrared heat avoids damage to therapeutic compounds.

  • Infrared Dehydration

    Store your mushrooms long term.

    How To Dry Your Mushrooms 
  • Inject and Forget

    Reduces risk of contamination and makes growing mushrooms effortless.

  • High Yield

    Harvest 300g+ of fresh mushrooms per Grow Bag.

    Get Multiple Harvests 
  • Reusable

    Just replace the Grow Bag for more mushrooms.

    Buy Grow Bags 
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Why grow mushrooms?

Therapeutic mushrooms are a powerful tool for improving wellness.
It is important to know where your therapeutic mushrooms come from.
Higher quality yields - your investment should be repaid by your first harvest.

Growing therapeutic mushrooms in the Mentis Mushroom Toolbox

Inject spores.
Spores are the 'seeds' that grow mushrooms.
Set heat mat to 28°C.
Mushrooms require warm temperatures to grow.
Squeeze bag.
This speeds up the growth of the mushroom's roots throughout the soil.
Harvest mushrooms.
Enjoy your home-grown mushrooms!
Soak bag for more harvests.
Get your second, third or maybe even fourth harvest!

We don't provide the spore syringe.

But they're easy to find online.

Use a top rated vendor on the EU Spore Hub (or Google it)

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