How to use the Toolbox:

N.B. We have changed the formula of our grow bags, so the 'soak' step is no longer necessary for most customers.


a) Buy a spore syringe.

Find one on the EU Spore Hub [link]. Any spore syringe between 3-10ml will work.

b) Find a cool place for your Toolbox.

Remove any sources of heat (e.g. radiator) nearby.

c) Make sure that this place is away from direct sunlight.

But not pitch dark either.

Step 1 - Inject the bag:

a) Remove the plastic cap of your syringe and screw on the needle protector.

Do not remove the needle protector until you are ready to inject.

b) Thoroughly wipe the injection port with the sterilising wipe.


c) Remove the needle protector and inject.

Ensure that the needle does not touch anything before injecting. 

Inject the full syringe through the injection port.

d) Tie the thermal sleeve around the Toolbox.

Insert the Grow Bag. Leave the lid open.

e) Set the temperature on the thermal sleeve to 32°C.

3.Remove the needle protector.

Ensure that the needle does not touch anything before injecting. Inject the full syringe through the injection port (the grey square).
Wait 3-4 weeks, until your bag has a patch of white around the size of your fist.

The patch of white may appear anywhere on your grow bag.
Step 2 - Squeeze the bag:

a) Vigorously squeeze the soil.

Do this until:

- You can no longer see any white.

- You can no longer feel any clumps in the soil.

b) Place the Grow Bag back into the Toolbox.

Leave the lid open.

You're almost there! You should see mushrooms in 4-5 weeks.

Step 3 - Harvest mushrooms:

Cut open the bag and harvest your mushrooms.

No mushrooms?

If the soil in your grow bag has turned fully white, but you still don't have any mushrooms 5 weeks after Step 2, please follow the 'soak' step below.

Then wait 3 more weeks for mushrooms.

Soak the bag:

a) Cut open the grow bag.

b) Pour about 10cm of lukewarm water into the grow bag.

c) Close the bag with a paperclip.

Leave for 12 hours.

d) Pour the remaining water out of the grow bag.

e) Close the bag with a paperclip again.

f) Place the Grow Bag back into the Toolbox.

Leave the lid open.

Ready for round 2?

To get a second or third harvest, perform the 'soak' step above.

Fresh mushrooms only last a few days.

Dehydrate them for long-term storage:

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